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Tuition Assistance - Sponsor a Student
Mary Immaculate School does everything possible to ensure that a Catholic education is accessible and affordable. However, there are situations where students and their families need extra assistance to cover the cost of tuition. A student sponsorship, whether in full or partial, is very personal and significant in impact, allowing a student to attend Mary Immaculate School when they would not otherwise have the means to enroll or stay enrolled.

Your gift to the Tuition Assistance Program will go directly towards aid for students at Mary Immaculate whose families are undergoing financial hardship. Your gift will be added to the funds raised through other grants and development activities and will be distributed to students identified as having the greatest financial need.

By supporting our students through tuition assistance, you will directly impact the lives of many children and the vitality of our parish's school. Indirectly, our entire community will all share the positive impact as we work together to shape the lives of our future leaders. And of course, you will benefit with the satisfaction of knowing that you have not only make a dramatic difference in the life of a child, but that you are also serving as an example of the compassion and selflessness we strive to instill in our students.

As a nonprofit charitable organization, Mary Immaculate does not accept gifts directed to a specific student, and the IRS does not consider gifts made to specific to individuals to be tax-deductible charitable contributions. Your gift will be used to increase the amount of tuition assistance that Mary Immaculate School is available to provide to Catholic elementary students.
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